What are your rates?

I have simple yet comprehensive packages that are custom tailored. Please contact me for a quote with details of your event or project.

What exactly do you do?

When it comes to my wedding films (which is why you’re probably here), instead of traditional videos, I make something unique and personal with a vintage flair. I seek out the everyday magic in the simple moments and tiny details. I merge the quality of modern cinematography with the intimacy of the vintage style to create a video that is stylish, beautiful, and full of heart. My films are created to make a viewer feel something, both in the way the footage is arranged and the music used. My films are natural and genuine, not cheesy. I will film your day as it is – with all it’s happiness, laughter, and beauty. I bring a soft and feminine style to videography and put my whole heart into my work, always aspiring to capture the emotion and sweet details.

Do you travel? Where are you based?

Of course! Filming in a new place is always incredibly inspiring. Contact me for travel rates.  I’m based in Kansas City, Missouri.

What is super 8?

Super 8 is a film format from the 1960’s. I absolutely love the look of super 8. Mixing it with digital video adds a level of timelessness, softness, and authenticity.  Plus seeing what comes out after it’s developed is thrilling.  The colors, the light, the grain – yes, please. We’re talking about real film here and I think that is super cool. I offer shooting super 8 at a wedding as an add-on to my packages. Find examples in these films:  Zach + Brittany,  Dana + Rebekah and Jacob + Keera (me!)

Do you put audio from the day in the wedding film?

Typically no as it’s not my style. I personally prefer films with no voice over from the ceremony or speeches. I’d rather let the footage speak for itself. I do offer a package where I will record your ceremony and toasts and edit them as separate files. I will use professional equipment to capture that audio. That way you can easily watch your ceremony and toasts and hear those words again.

I have a wedding photographer. Why do I need a videographer too?

There is something to be said for all the time and effort you put into the planning of your wedding. You want the way it’s captured to be as beautiful as you remember it. Photo and video each offer something uniquely different in recording the events of your wedding. Photographers capture singular moments, but videographers are able to capture the memories within the movement. Some moments you can’t relive in pictures. Even though photos capture the memory, video takes you back to it. Video lets friends and family who cannot share in your day feel like they were there. You’ve spent a whole lot of time preparing for this one day so consider investing in capturing your day through video. Your wedding day will fly by but you can continue to enjoy and remember how amazing it was.

Do you have vendor referrals? 

I do! I have worked with some amazing people over the years. Please contact me for photographer, florist, planner, etc referrals.

Can we meet you?

I would love to meet and hear more about your big day or project. What’s your favorite cafe?