The girl behind the gold hairpin…

I started Gold Hairpin Films almost four years ago. Since then I’ve been a part of a crazy awesome amount of weddings.  I have witnessed some just plain magic over the years and I was lucky enough to be there to capture it. My hope is my love for sunlight, deep tones, and small details come across in my films.  I dig spontaneity, the non-traditional, and just basically capturing what makes you, you. I love to write. I love music. I love visual media. And I have a thing for combining the aforementioned.

A few other random facts about me:






I’m a recent bride myself and will get completely sappy if you ask me anything about my husband, Jacob. He’s the best. (You may find a bit of our wedding on this site) Photos by Christian Gideon. Flowers by Victorian Gardens.


*I am a total introvert and definite Pisces.

*I love the way Tom Hanks says “magic” in Sleepless in Seattle.

*I have a thing for anything floral.


Jacob and I took our engagement photos in Rocky Mountain National Park. It was my first time there and now my current favorite place. Photo by Christian Gideon.


*I had a video go viral in 2015. A couple of mine (Tyler + Chelsea) helped the bride’s cousin get engaged during the bouquet toss. It. was. everywhere. Buzzfeed. Aol. Huffington Post. Cosmopolitan. Trés Click. Life & Style. Bride to Be Magazine Australia. Good Morning America.

*I was an elementary teacher before jumping into videography.

*I love shooting super 8 film.


In 2016 I saw the Atlantic and Pacific oceans for the first time – one on our honeymoon in California, the other while filming a wedding in Florida.


*We have one dog, Bixby, and three cats, Sully, Jess, and Darby. I love all animals, but I’m a total cat lady.

*I love to bargain shop. Well, let’s be honest. I love to shop. But finding a bargain is my jam.

*My camera bag was once run over by a golf cart while at a wedding.

*Jacob and I collect magnets from every place we’ve been together.


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