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Although I mostly do weddings, I’m open to other projects – so just ask! In the past, I’ve worked on videos with photographers, musicians, and churches.


Video captures the day in a completely different way. Photos will capture the timelessness of your big day, but a film captures the vibe – the fun, the sweet, and the romantic moments that will go by in a whirlwind. My films create a portrait of how it felt to be there instead of just a strict document of what it looked like.  I showcase the beauty of your family, friends, and wedding day.

I embrace a documentary style of filming and aim to capture the feeling of the day. I’m good at blending into the background, filming more than less, trying new ideas, and getting the good details.

I’ll make your day look as awesome as it felt. What you then get: an edited, modern yet dreamy, short film in high definition that even strangers will enjoy watching. I aim to create a film that’s unique to you. I want to create something that tells your story and reveals more of the feeling of the wedding. I tell this story through the moments and emotion of the day. I also film vows and toasts for you to have separately because it’s nice to be able to hear those words again.

I’m a boutique videographer – meaning I like short and sweet, not long drawn out uncut footage. I also prefer to use music to edit the wedding film and don’t usually overlay audio from the day. That’s just my style and what I enjoy working on.  It’s super important to find a videographer that matches your style – so if all of the above sounds flippin’ fan-tas-tic then please visit my vimeo channel to see some of these films. Oh – and I’m open to ideas and am known for being flexible – shoot me an email with any questions!